Tuesday, May 9, 2017

my "single length" golf club journey !

   (Single Length club Sterling Irons tested in Currituck Golf Club, NC)

I did it...I bought a new set for 2017... not a regular set but a "single length" model. Before Cobra and Edel announced the launch of their single or one length set on the market, I bought the Sterling Iron set end 2016 (could not test it before January 2017) having followed this small company for almost a year on the web and social medias.

I chose the equivalent of a 8 iron (36.5 inches) length for clubs from SW to 5i.

The set is divided in two types of club: soft feeling (from SW to 9i) and cavity back (from 8i to 5i).

I've tested them in January 2017 on the range.
It's always difficult to gauge the carry and consistency on a range without a quality launch monitor. On the range, the soft feeling of the lower lofted clubs was great.

The real test happened on the course and here are the results after 5 rounds in 2017:

Green in regulation

a) Green in regulation percentage has improved from 21.6 to 29.6% on average from 2016 to 2017 peaking to 44 and 56% for the last two rounds as I am getting used how to play single length clubs !

This represents a great improvement that allowed me to reach my ultimate goal: single digit handicap ! (my regular handicap was around 14).

An improvement of GIR from 21.6 to 37.6% reflects a potential improvement of 3 strokes for 18 holes, quite substantial then.   

Results from inside 100 meters:

Previous regular length shafts in 2016 (a major golf brand):

90% within 15 meters (17 yards)

Single Length shafts in 2017:

95% within 15 meters, an improvement of 5% !

Results from outside 100 meters:

Previous regular length shafts in 2016 (a major golf brand):

38% within 15 meters

Single Length shafts in 2017:

50% within 15 meters from outside of 100 meters, an improvement of 12% !

Other comments:

Sand Wedge:

I am having absolutely zero difficulty to adjust to a SW with a 8 iron shaft. For whatever reasons I was used to play a few bad fat shots here and there with my previous SW, now I am fully confident and having amazing "gimmy" putts within 3 to 4 feet from 20/25 meters.

Gapping between clubs:

It's very well balanced (10 meters between each clubs based on estimations on the course):

GW (90 m); PW (100 m); 9i (110 m); 8i (120 m); 7i (130 m); 6i (140 m); 5i (150 m).   

Rolls on the green:

I am not feeling at all that the ball is going to roll and pass the green when playing 6 and 5 iron as it stops very quickly. I've measured several times the distance between impact of the ball on the green and the final position and it was minimal (a few meters). 


I am very satisfied with the switch (I am not selling anything :-)...) and the stats don't lie as I have always been good within 100 meters but was looking to improve with 7, 6 and 5 iron in hand (even 8 and 9 are much better now !).

I have already improved my inside 100 meters stats by 5% and outside 100 meters stats by 12% and expect to further improve outside 100 meters as I am getting used to this new single length set. 




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