Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hitting balls on Times Square !

I was really excited last morning reading online that a practice range would be built in the middle of Times Square a few hours later for the “Speed Pocket World Challenge” featuring a competition between golf players from New-York, Toronto, London and San Francisco.

Only located a few blocks from my office, I obviously joined the event a few hours later during the lunch break trying to hit some wild balls on this crazy place as golfing on Times Square must be awesome…

Above my head one gigantic and very coloured Times Square screen showing the golf brand name featuring the event.    
Golf players are lining up while some of us are putting balls on the practice area before entering the practice “cage” to beat some balls and enjoy the moment. The sun finally showed up magnificently despite his terrible absence during the coldest and snowiest winter of the century!

The purpose of the world challenge was to test the gain of distance using the new set of Taylor Made (TM) irons called the Speed Pocket model which is characterised by “a 2 millimeter-wide slot in the sole of the clubs from 3- to 7-iron designed to flex and rebound at impact to promote faster ball speed, higher launch angles and stronger ball flight”.

After a few minutes warming-up, we were offered the opportunity to compare three balls hit with the previous model of TM irons with three balls hit with the new model. The winner of the challenge would be the player with the greatest distance improvement. Let’s do this!
I passed in front of Hank Haney, the previous golf teacher of Tiger Woods, who was obviously more busy fixing the swing of the cute blond lady than busy looking at my astonishing golf swing… too bad for me as the only lady in the cage was improving a lot thanks to Hank precious advices…

The challenge for distance gained was eventually won by NY (how else could it be?) winning the event with the craziest distance ever seen on this planet………………….tada……………..65 yards!

Yes, 65! Well I am not sure whether these winners messed it up starting to hit balls with a putter and then tried the new TM irons that launch golf missiles in outer space but the difference was huge. Well done, guys, let’s buy this now! 
Dressed up in suit, I personally gained 22 yards which I thought was pretty conservative and aligned with the marketing announcements of the brand…however too conservative to win the world title…

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